Best Travelling Places To Visit in Asia: When It comes to one of the popular and best places to visit around the world. No one can deny the fact there are several beautiful places in Asia to visit. And those places are not only popular but also worth the time and money of the visitor.

These Spots allows one to chill out and offer a lot of adventure. Moreover, some of them have interesting culture and facts related to Ancient History. We have shortlisted some of the best and awesome spots as per these parameters;

  • Accessibility of various essential products.
  • Various Attractions.
  • Consideration of local prices.

Best places in Asia to visit

Here are those shortlisted Best destinations to visit in Asia. Check them out:


So, Shanghai is at the top of our list of Best places in Asia to visit. The things that make it a special city are its Culture, Infrastructure and of course the Monuments of the city. It is among the largest cities in China. Apart from this, it is the most metropolitan city in the country.

Shanghai offers visitors to experience all stages of their life at one go. The main attraction of the city is the Huangpu River, which is also considered the holy river of China. Huangpu river separates the city into different districts: Puxi and Pudong.

When seen at once, It seems like Pudong is split from the jetson with B.O. Pearl Tv. Not only that, along with this, the Radio Tower looks like a lollipop having two heads. While on the other hand, In the territory of Puxi, You will get the taste of some old Shanghai.

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When we talk about the spots that are actually a living postcard in a real scenario, Bali comes into play. Bali is a travelling paradise belonging to the territory of Indonesia. Visiting a place like Bali can feel like a fantasy come true. You can do several things in Bali. Like, You can just relax under the sun on the bed of perfect white sand. Or Take a deep dive along with the coral range.

You can know about history by communing with the Second World War ship. On the bank of the sea, you can see the rich or dense jungle, playful monkeys, and temples made up of stones.

You will be able to see the cultural dance and a tradition of doing Yoga to energize the soul and body. And These things combine to form it as among the perfect places in Asia to visit.

Siem Reap

Among the other great places in Asia to visit lies under the boundary of Cambodia. The rising sun in the beautiful morning makes the scene quite unbelievable. Well, the Siem reap is famous and known for ancient religious complexes.

Another important and beautiful part of these places in Asia to visit is the ancient temples and Angkor Wat. Moreover, these are the main reasons to visit Siem Reap. Furthermore, you will be able to see bars, Food courts, and shopping stalls where you can probably learn the methods of bargaining. And you can also get the lesson in History of the nation at Cambodian Cultural Village.

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Well, the capital of the giant nation is one of the must-visit kind of places in Asia to visit. In Tokyo, you can see the mixed culture of traditions and a bit of pop culture. Apart from that, Ancient temples are also among the places you should go for. On an interesting note, you can catch the fish auction at Tsukiji Market but before sunrise. Also, you can take a decent walk under the trees of cherry blossom that is on the banks of the Sumida River.

Other important places to see are East Gardens, which are pretty much beautiful and refreshing. You can also spend your time while knowing interesting facts of history at Edo- Tokyo Museum. Well, the other important thing to mention here is that you cannot afford to miss the main food items that are Sushi, Wagashi and of course, Udon Noodles.


We cannot afford to miss Thailand while talking about the places in Asia to visit. Undoubtedly, Thailand is an important mention as it is among the largest islands and is big enough to attract people.

Well, you can say that Thailand is the best place to relax for the beach lovers and sea divers and of course, we do have the Giant Andaman Sea for them. Blue lakes and Orange sun during sunset makes an Awesome atmosphere and is good enough to attract anyone’s sight. Watersports, gardens, Buddhist temples, and island’s aquariums are the other beautiful creations of Thailand.

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