getting bored in the Journey? Traveling long distance and gets bored while journeying? Well come here and get to know how not to feel bored while you travel & enjoy the journey

How to avoid Boredom while Traveling

Traveling long distance? Worried about getting bored in the Journey? Traveling long distance may trouble people who travel a lot or even for the newbies. You check the time, and it’s only been 17 minutes since you checked time last time, and it seemed like an hour? This post might help you to get out of that pain of feeling lonely. You can try different things while traveling and find out which suits you the most.

Your Mobile phone or Laptop

When everybody has the time killer device who gets bored while journeying? Well, even though these portable devices are great for work/fun while journey but few people recommend switching off the phone and not take any other devices to enjoy the journey. While some just don’t prefer them between journey. So you can move ahead and watch other alternatives.


A very popular thing to do, it was the best thing before mobile phones took over. Now you can read on your laptop or your mobile device. But a hard copy has its own fun in it. You can read anything; it can be a newspaper, magazine, your favorite author’s book or recommended novel of your friend.


People who like to read probably would love to write. And while traveling, you can write articles, stories, poems, etc. You can even write documentary or your own daily diary to record your best moments with the words. People who like to write should take the surface to put under your notebook.


Another good idea for being with your hobby and pass your time and not get bored for even a second. If you wanna sketch, you can take all the sketching materials like pencil set, rubber, sketch papers/sketch notebook, etc. Don’t forget to make the scene you are seeing.

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FM Radio

Old and still rocking method to listen to music, news & podcast and have fun with your partners and companions on the journey. It will pass the time for everybody near you and make you all feel refresh.

Card Games

Bring cards, yeah another awesome idea to make others happy too, up to 6 people at a time can play cards and it will be too much fun when you all will be playing the same game. Try it out on your next trip.

Board Games

Ludo, Chess, Snake n Ladder, Chinese checkers, Indian ludo, etc. are the one of the most popular 90s game, and I would still enjoy these games with my friends. Board games like chess and Ludo are still one of the best games.

Be social

Talk to people who are sitting near you, ask them where are they going? be polite, make your company and new people are always exciting and will take you away from your boredom. Learn about the place you are going, their language, culture, people, and food. Book your hotels if not already done. It will help you when you reach there and try to communicate with people.

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Grab a window seat and just enjoy the outside view, you can pair window seat with everything mentioned above, and it will be one of the best experience for you while traveling solo. You can listen to music and pair it up with other activities like sitting by window side, reading, sketching, viewing outside and have a lot of fun of both the journey and the music. Hope this post will pass your time on your next trip, Cheers.

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