Travelling on a budget: You’ve finally decided to take that trip which you are deciding for many years. So you have already chosen a destination and collected all data about it from a guidebook or maybe online. But now you wonder – how much will this trip cost? Is it in my budget?  How much money do I need when I’m traveling? When can I afford to go on this particular vacation?

Tips on Travelling on a Budget

Travel expenses depend on how you like to travel, so it is very important to set up a travelling budget. Today we are going to talk about how to travel on a budget. Here’s how to budget for travel and take that dream vacation. Let’s talk about some points which help you to take your trip within your budget.

Make a budget for major transportation.


You need to get to your travelling destination and want to enjoy it, but you are worrying too much about your budget. You must have to decide that how you are going to start your journey and through which vehicle( eg,_ public transport or your own vehicle). Start your research to get an estimate of what this will cost.

If you’re traveling from country to country, this probably means looking for cheap airfare. If you’re going a shorter distance, it’s worth looking into other forms of transport to see which works best for you.

Make a budget for your accommodation.


Lodging and staying at a pace while travelling costs a lot. Now it is your decision whether you want to stay at a hostel, a guest house, or an expensive hotel. The decision rests with you. But if you’re planning to travel on a budget, then you can opt for hostels. You can even try rental apartments if you’re planning to travel for two or three weeks.

Make a budget for food.


Different country has different c0st of food so you must have to do research on this since it is a lot harder to find exact numbers for food expenses.

For travel in Europe, a good estimate per day per person US$15 for lunch, US$20 for dinner. This does not include beer, wine, or alcohol. Also, please keep in mind that you can eat for a lot less if you don’t try the luxurious meals of that area.

Make a budget for activities.


It’s the most important thing that you have to prepare carefully. Will you be spending money on tours during your vacation? What Are the entrance fees for various museums, parks, ruins, or other tourist attractions? Do you also plan on doing something more expensive like scuba diving or maybe a hot air balloon ride? Add up these travel costs too.

So, I hope these steps will surely help you to cover your trip within your budget. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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