Exploring Delhi Metro | Delhi Trip 2018

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Exploring Delhi Metro: Metro is something which I’m fascinated about. They are fast, cheap and makes me feel like I’m in a foreign country. Yes folks! metro is a part of the future for our country.

Delhi Metro: My experience

The first time I visited a metro station or travelled on one, I was around 14 or 15 years old. It was in Jaipur, but I didn’t admire the beauty and complexity of metro until I spent a few days in Delhi using metro on daily basis.

Metro is fast, cheap and reliable. they are never late unlike Indian railways, and are not costly, unlike Indian auto rikshawalas. Without Metro services, I think Delhi will fall into chaos. Many people travel using metro on daily basis.

Metro is one of the most crowded areas in Delhi. Im not even kidding! During working hours, people are brimming in metro compartments.

However, this is not the case when you’re travellingĀ early in the morning. But it sure is chaos when you’re traveling in busy hours like 6 PMĀ or 8 PM.

Metro Station Environment & Infrastructure

Metro stations have a world-class environment, they are clean, feels modern and are a proof of genius engineering.

See, so clean! No beggars sleeping on the floor, no chocolate or candy rappers dancing nearby. It is clean and sooting. I never thought I will see a place such hygienic in India.

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The infrastructure is quite remarkable. Every metro station has at least one set of excavators, proper lightening, proper staircases and what not. No chance of you facing any problem whatsoever.

The hallways/collidors are aĀ kind of a different story. I almost felt like walking in a prison cell while switching metros between various destinations.

Every metro station has their own seva Kendre/help centers. Every user can seek their help in case of any misshapenness or any doubt.

They are really helpful no matter what your problem is. They will be always ready to help you up.

Metro Station Safety measures

No matter where ever you are living, there will be stupid people ready to showcase their stupidity. Well not here in a metro station. Here they have these security walls so that people and these little 5 yr old bastards cant tip over.

So far my experience is pretty great in Delhi metro. If I visit Delhi again, I will definitely love to travel via metro. Awesome experience.

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