i visited Garden Of Five Senses

My Trip to Garden Of Five Senses – Delhi

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The Garden of Five Senses is not just a park, it’s more like a couple park for exploration and public interaction. This project was built by Delhi tourism in order to fulfill the need of leisure place for public and tourists. It is a nice place to find peace or to find people to talk to. With a greenish environment full of fauna & flora, you will feel nature’s beauty at the maximum.

Garden Of Five Senses architecture

It is a great place to shot photos, the best if you have your DSLR camera with you. Thanks to my friend Jitender, who shot all these wonderful pictures 😀

photos of Garden Of Five Senses

Garden Of Five Senses also doubles as a picnic spot for couples. They come and spend countless hours chitchatting and eating snacks or ice cream. Also, you can see some sheds behind me in the picture above, these are just to take shed while it is raining here.

Garden Of Five Senses elephants

There are many sculptures and fountains as well. These add to the overall beauty of Garden Of Five Senses. However, for some reason, they were not working the day I visited Garden Of Five Senses.

i visited Garden Of Five Senses

There are footpaths and places to sit all around. If you are bad in finding direction then you will end up lost. JUST LIKE ME! I forgot the way out and spend nearly 20 minutes in figuring out the exit.

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point of attractions in Garden Of Five Senses

Overall, it is a nice place to visit to spend your evening with your loved ones, Or a fun place to screw around as well 😀

Garden Of Five Senses travellingnotes

Share it with the world! Spread the word 😉

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