Hauz Khas pub timings

My Trip To Hauz Khas – Delhi Trip 2018

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My Trip To Hauz Khas: Soooooo, Another day, another post šŸ˜€ I visitedĀ Hauz Khas with my friend Jitender and explored some great ancient architecture. Hauz Khas is an important site as it unravels a part of Emperor Ala-ud-din Khiljiā€™s reign from his capital – Siri Fort

However now, it’s more like a couple meeting cum picnic spot for teenagers and youngsters. You can spend quality time, enjoy the sunset and can take amazing photos.

hauz khas metro station

Once you visit Hauz Khas Delhi, you will enjoy the quality and peaceful time you can spend here. It is quite, only a bunch of people and your camera. It is a nice place to explore some ancient buildings as well.

Hauz Khas with viralhax

I visited this place with Jitender [the handsome man in black shirt]. This place is a little awkward to come alone, so better take your friends with you.

exploring hauz khas fort

The infrastructure of this place is amazing. These buildings were made ages ago, but still, they feel so refreshing now. Truly a masterpiece of ancient craftsmanship & architectures.

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Hauz Khas selfie spot

You will find plenty of spots here and there to just sit around and chit-chat. Also, this place is cool and non-polluted as well.

hauz khas social

However, Hauz KhasĀ Delhi is located near a residential area in Delhi. So better watch out for sneaky grandmas!

Hauz Khas pub timings

However, the sceneries here are fascinating. You can enjoy the beauty around here.

Hauz Khas fort timings

In the ned, it’s a nice place to visit to spend your evenings.

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