How To Stay Healthy While Travelling: When it comes to travelling, there’s a big difference between travelling for business and going on vacation. Going on vacation means sleeping in, being on your own time, and doing whatever sounds fun at the moment. Vacation means an easy ticket to feeling GOOD!

Travelling can take a toll on the body physically, mentally and emotionally. While travel often involves excitement and anticipation, the experience can also trigger anxiety, stress, and fear. Travelling disrupts our natural circadian rhythm, while low oxygen levels, humidity, and sudden changes of pressure all have varying levels of adverse side effects. Luckily there are several ways you can minimize and combat the effects of flying and travel.

How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

With a little planning, stay healthy while travelling, you can make your journey comfortable. These simple tips will ensure you enjoy the smoothest trip possible.

Sleep, Sleep and Sleep


The most important thing you need to do is stay healthy while travelling is a well-rested body and mind. What can replace sleep while getting rest is the goal? Travelling is stressful for your body, so make sure you get plenty of rest. How much is enough? Well, you got to figure it out yourself.

Plan Ahead


Wanna avoid panic? Then plan ahead. It’s the worst kind of feeling when you have to do lots of things but haven’t sorted them out previously and end up wasting your vacation just to figure out the right order.


You may hit me with “Things doesn’t always go according to plan, you know” in that case, I’m gonna hit you back with “I’d be lying if I said things are going according to my plan. But beggars can’t be choosers, right?”. So, always plan ahead.

Stay Hydrated


Carry a sufficient amount of water with you all the times. Drink enough water throughout the day. Try not to fall into any kind of temptation of cold drinks, soft drinks, or alcohol. They will do the actual opposite.

In fact, blogger and health nutrition expert Joan Salge Blake says those tempting in-flight alcoholic beverages are the number one mistake most travellers make.



Have plenty of free time? Do some light or moderate activities like walking, some freehand exercise or stretches. It can only be beneficial to your body. Don’t have that much time to invest?

Do breathing exercises. Breathing exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime. Try taking four to five deep breaths. Then holding the breath at the top of the inhale and then exhaling slowly. Explore the area on feet; this will be good for both your mind and health as well.

Eat Well


Yay! it is vacation right! Let ‘s be insane and eat whatever garbage we find delicious. Absolutely NO. Your stomach will get upset and gonna ruin your whole day, sometimes your entire vacation.

Be smart and consume whatever you like (don’t do this every day, BTW) but do not forget to cut down the amount. Try to maintain your daily macros and choose healthy food. Some veggies and fruits will do absolutely great.


Avoid Social Media


In this age of trying to get attention, it is absolutely impossible to avoid social media. Maybe it is not involved directly with your physical well being but with your mental well being.

Do you find it awkward and hard to take better selfies while travelling? Well no problem, this post will help you to take better selfies than ever!

Do not post anything on social media while you’re still travelling, posting will only cut your enjoyment time short, and your mind will be diverted from the actual beautiful scenery.

Let The Stress Go


There are plenty of stressful situations you may face like Delays, Cancelations, Getting Lost, Airport Queues, Losing Things, etc. Please don’t ever beat yourself up. Guilt and shame are the two easiest ways to make yourself feel even more terrible.

If you ever end up in these kinds of situations, take deep breaths and forget everything. Try to be mindful and enjoy the time you spend exploring the unknown.

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