My Trip To Hauz Khas – Delhi Trip 2018

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My Trip To Hauz Khas: Soooooo, Another day, another post 😀 I visited Hauz Khas with my friend Jitender and explored some great ancient architecture. Hauz Khas is an important site as it unravels a part of Emperor Ala-ud-din Khilji’s reign from his capital – Siri Fort

However now, it’s more like a couple meeting cum picnic spot for teenagers and youngsters.… Explore more

My Trip to Garden Of Five Senses – Delhi

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The Garden of Five Senses is not just a park, it’s more like a couple park for exploration and public interaction. This project was built by Delhi tourism in order to fulfill the need of leisure place for public and tourists.… Explore more

I visited 4000 years old civilisation – Kalibangan

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I visited 4000 years old civilisation – Kalibangan: Kalibangan literally translated to black bangles. It got its name from all the black sand molded bangles and other ancient stuff which were found here.… Explore more

My Trip To Bhatner Fort – Rajasthan

The weather was nice and warm, I was also ready for an adventure. So I headed to my nearest form in my homeplace Hanumangarh, the Bhatner fort. It funny that this place is only 10 km away from my home but I never visited it yet.… Explore more

I visited Water Park for the First Time!

Its really getting hot here in my Hometown with 42-degree Celsius. Scrolling through my Instagram feeds and watching people having fun in rivers, ocean and what not. Well, it was time I decided to hit my local water park. I reason why I never visited before you ask – Hmm, I don’t know swimming!Explore more

My Trip To Mount Abu

I and my family decided to visit Mount Abu in hot weather to get enjoy some chill and escape from the heat. No wonder it was the best decision! Its perfect place to travel if you want to travel in peace.… Explore more

Hotel Review: Hotel Ashoka, Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

We need a hotel when we need to stay up somewhere while travelling. While on my mount Abu Trip, Hotel Ashoka was the best budget hotel I could look for. This is a review about Hotel Ashoka where I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.… Explore more